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With years of experience creating PPC campaigns, we specialize in producing real, measurable results. Whether it's diving deep into keyword research or constantly optimizing campaigns, our goal is to boost your online visibility and increase your return on investment (ROI).

PPC Agency Stats - Google PPC Ads have the biggest ROI at 200%

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How Much Does PPC Management Cost?

We believe that transparency is the foundation of trust, which is why we offer user-friendly pricing show you our PPC services pricing up front.



  • Monthly Ad Spend
  • Initial Setup Cost
  • Google PPC Network
  • Local Services Ads
  • Bing PPC Ads
  • Google Remarketing
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Customer Match
  • Keywords
  • Monthly Reporting


$500 / mo

  • Monthly Ad Spend $100-$5,000
  • Initial Setup Cost $1,000
  • Google PPC Network
  • Bing PPC Ads -
  • Google Remarketing -
  • Google Shopping Ads -
  • Customer Match -
  • Keywords -
  • Monthly Reporting Up to 2,000


$900 / mo or 15%*

  • Monthly Ad Spend $5,001-$30,000
  • Initial Setup Cost $2,000
  • Google PPC Network
  • Local Services Ads
  • Bing PPC Ads
  • Google Remarketing
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Customer Match
  • Keywords Up to 5,000
  • Monthly Reporting


12% of ad spend/mo

  • Monthly Ad Spend $30,001+
  • Initial Setup Cost $3,000
  • Google PPC Network
  • Local Services Ads
  • Bing PPC Ads
  • Google Remarketing
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Customer Match
  • Keywords Up to 10,000
  • Monthly Reporting

* percentage of ad spend, whichever is greater.

Frequently Asked Questions about PPC

PPC management costs range from $500 - $3,000 per month on average. This amount will vary based on the industry you're in, your ad spend, the level of competition, and the specific goals you want to achieve. 

10 Ways to Boost Your PPC Agency Ad Results in 2024

In the world of online paid advertising, getting the most out of your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns is key to success. Here are 10 practical strategies to get better ROI on your PPC agency ad spend:

  1. Choose Your Keywords Wisely: Dive deep into keyword research. Opt for relevant, high-impact keywords that align with your business goals. Keep your keyword list fresh by tweaking it based on performance insights from websites such as the Google Keyword Planner (free) or a paid service such as Semrush or Ahrefs.
  2. Craft Compelling Ad Copy: Speak directly to your audience with ad copy that resonates. Showcase your unique selling points, promotions, and benefits. Experiment with different messaging to find the perfect combination that clicks with your audience.
  3. Optimize Your Landing Pages: Make sure your landing pages are set up for success. Align them seamlessly with your ad content and ensure your call-to-action is crystal clear. A smooth transition from ad to landing page boosts user experience and conversions.
  4. Make the Most of Ad Extensions: Leverage the power of ad extensions provided by PPC platforms. These add-ons offer extra information and encourage user interaction. Use site link extensions, callout extensions, and structured snippets to enhance your ad's visibility and relevance.
  5. Keep an Eye on Performance Metrics: The numbers tell the story. Stay on top of your PPC campaign's performance metrics. Monitor your click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and return on ad spend (ROAS). Use this data to spot opportunities for improvement and make informed optimizations.
  6. Embrace Remarketing Tactics: Bring back users who've engaged with your site through remarketing campaigns. Tailor your ads to match their interests or highlight exclusive offers to entice them to return and convert.
  7. Smart Geo-Targeting and Audience Segmentation: Target specific locations with geo-targeting and segment your audience based on demographics, interests, or behavior. Customize your ad content for each segment to deliver personalized and relevant messages.
  8. Experiment with A/B Testing: Test different ad elements like headlines, images, and calls-to-action. A/B testing helps pinpoint the most effective variations, letting you fine-tune your ad strategy for optimal performance.
  9. Mobile-Friendly Ads Are a Must: With the rise of mobile usage, ensure your ads look good on all screen sizes. Create responsive ads for a seamless experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones to connect with users wherever they are.
  10. Consider Partnering with a PPC Agency like us: If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, team up with a specialized PPC agency. Our expertise and insights can streamline your campaigns, saving you time and resources.

By integrating these strategies into your PPC approach, you'll not only enhance your paid ads' performance but also move closer to your advertising goals with confidence.

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Jake Ried

Owner, Neighborhood Builders

Ingrid Williams - Owner, Ingrid Williams Real Estate

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Ingrid Williams

Owner/Broker, Ingrid Williams Real Estate Team

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Idea Rocket Labs went above and beyond the call. They were professional, creative, prompt, and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend them for your next web or marketing project.

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Marty Benedict

Co-Founder, SIPNSAND

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Idea Rocket Labs are truly the best at what they do. They are creative, prompt, responsive and have the highest level of expertise. I’d recommend them for anyone that is looking for a marketing agency.

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Tom Berger

Benchmark USA

Eric Grubb, Owner of Solid Ground Iowa

Great work and super responsive!

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Eric Grubb

Owner, Solid Ground Iowa

Timothy Ives - Owner, The Body Project

I have been very happy with the service provided by Idea Rocket Labs. The website they created for my business not only looks great, but it also generates the search engine clicks our business needs.

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Timothy Ives

Owner, Body Project Iowa

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