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We’ve been helping businesses stand out, get found, and go further since 1996, before Google, smart phones, or Harry Potter even existed.

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29+ years of helping business leaders grow
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We help businesses accelerate their growth with website design and marketing that get results.

At Idea Rocket Labs, we're dedicated to taking your business to the next level. For more than 29 years, we’ve excelled in top-tier design and branding, building website designs that drive profits, and crafting social media strategies that create industry buzz. Our sales-focused copy is designed to connect with your audience, boosting engagement and sales.

We believe in honesty and transparency in everything we do and we know you’re busy so you can count on fast responses when you need them. Your success is our passion and we’re passionate about helping you accelerate your business and drive your growth.

Lance Thompson, CEO & Client Growth Strategist at Idea Rocket Labs, Iowa Website Design and Marketing Agency in Des Moines, Iowa

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us

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Tom Berger, Owner of Benchmark USA Inc

Idea Rocket Labs are truly the best at what they do. They are creative, prompt, responsive and have the highest level of expertise. I’d recommend them for anyone that is looking for a marketing agency.

stars 5

Tom Berger

Benchmark USA

Marty Benedict, Co-Owner, Sip N' Sand

Idea Rocket Labs went above and beyond the call. They were professional, creative, prompt, and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend them for your next web or marketing project.

stars 5

Marty Benedict

Co-Founder, SIPNSAND

Ingrid Williams - Owner, Ingrid Williams Real Estate

stars 5

Ingrid Williams

Owner/Broker, Ingrid Williams Real Estate Team

Jake Ried, Owner of Neighborhood Builders

Idea Rocket Labs has been designing our websites for the last 17 years, I wouldn't use anyone else and would highly recommend them.

stars 5

Jake Ried

Owner, Neighborhood Builders

Timothy Ives - Owner, The Body Project

I have been very happy with the service provided by Idea Rocket Labs. The website they created for my business not only looks great, but it also generates the search engine clicks our business needs.

stars 5

Timothy Ives

Owner, Body Project Iowa

Eric Grubb, Owner of Solid Ground Iowa

Great work and super responsive!

stars 5

Eric Grubb

Owner, Solid Ground Iowa

Lance Thompson, CEO & Client Growth Strategist at Idea Rocket Labs Website Design and Marketing in Des Moines, Iowa

Hi, I'm Lance Thompson. I'm a website designer and marketer and I create strategies that help businesses accelerate their growth.

For over 29 years, I’ve coached and created website designs and marketing strategies and for more than 500 small and large corporations, business leaders, and entrepreneurs that drive growth, multiply revenue, and increase profitability.

We're based out of Des Moines, Iowa but work everywhere (except North Korea and Cheboygan). I’ve had the fortune of working with business leaders around the world, from Brooklyn to Seattle, Tampa to Juneau, Osaka, Japan to Cape Town, South Africa, among many other locations.

I started my first website design company in Des Moines in 1996, just shortly after the internet had become widely available (and I had a full head of rich, sandy blonde hair). I had made my own website for fun when a local real estate agent asked if I could make a website for her and offered to pay for it. I thought “What? Get paid to do something I love?!?” and that’s when my passion for website design, marketing, and helping businesses unlock their potential began.

Since that time, I’ve personally built over 1,000 websites that have helped my clients earn more than $9.83 billion in revenue, across more than 77 different industries, for nearly every business type from start-ups to Fortune 50 Global corporations. Experience matters.

And I’d love to help you too. Let’s talk.

If you’re ready for your business to stand out, get found, and go further, call or contact me (no faxes, please) and let me show you how to transform the business you have into the business you’ve always dreamt of.


Lance Thompson
CEO & Client Growth Strategist

Let's start writing your success story

You’re probably not here to read about our client’s successes, you’re here trying to figure out if we can help you grow your business and reach your goals. And yes, together, with website design and marketing, we can transform and rejuvenate your business, build momentum, and create your own amazing success story.

From an objective viewpoint, we’ll listen to you, your goals, research your business and competition, and create a personalized flight plan that will enable us to accelerate your growth, move with confidence, and reach new levels of success for your business.

Ready to invest in your success and get the growth you deserve?

When you hire us:

  • We’ll listen to you, analyze where you’re at, define where you want to go, identify obstacles, and learn your products and offerings so that we understand you and your goals.

  • We’ll put 29+ years of experience to work for you and create a custom website design and marketing that's designed to help you reach your goals faster and go further.

  • We’ll identify your ideal audiences, their pains, what motivates them, and craft messaging that tells your story and attracts and compels them to connect and become a life-long customer.

  • We’ll get to work writing, designing, building, and executing your flight plan and creating your website and/or marketing deliverables.

  • We celebrate your incredible success.

“Everything we do, including our custom website design and marketing, is based on battle-tested methods and proven marketing strategies that will help you achieve your best results."

Why Trust Idea Rocket Labs for Your Website Design and Marketing?

You're probably here trying to figure out if we're able to help your business grow. And yes, we have the experience to help your business succeed. Reach out and find out for yourself.

We Listen

We truly listen to your goals and challenges & create a flight plan that will help you grow faster.

We’re Experienced

We have 29+ years of expertise & proven processes that build momentum & growth.

We’re Responsive

We hate waiting too. Get fast responses when you need it.
(Try it now :)!

We Put You First

Your goals are our goals, and your success is what matters most to us.

Frustrated With Your Marketing?

We Solve Tough Marketing Challenges

We get it. It’s frustrating having a great business but not having more people know about you, not to mention the countless ways to waste money doing marketing wrong.

Lucky for you, digital marketing is what we do.

We’ll help you with marketing strategies that not only drive growth & revenue for your business, but also free up your time and help you reach your business goals faster.

We’re a match made in heaven. Let's talk.

Challenges We Solve

Without consistent website traffic, you’ll get fewer leads, and your business will struggle to grow.

Harness the power of paid ads. We’ll create magnetic ad campaigns that flood your sales funnel with high-quality targeted leads & accelerate your business’s growth.

  • Get instant visibility & impact
  • Target quality leads
  • Fill up your lead funnel

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Without a strategic lead generation plan, reaching your goals will be harder, much harder.

Accelerate your growth and build momentum with a customized marketing plan that will help you reach your goals faster.

Explore SEO >

Having a poor website (or none at all) will leave customers with a bad impression, restrict your sales, and drive your customers to your competitors.

We’ll listen to you and then create a goal-focused, custom website that's 100% laser-focused on generating leads and achieving your goals.

  • Get a website that accelerates your growth
  • Strengthen your brand increase your leads
  • Attract new customers with a site they'll love to use

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If you’re not on the first page on Google, you’re invisible. Did you know that the first spot on Google gets 28.5% of the clicks & the tenth spot gets just 2.5%. Next page: less than 1%. *

SEO will help you rank higher, get found. Bonus: organic traffic generally converts higher & costs less than paid ads.

Explore SEO >

* Estimated. Every search and industry are different.

We get it. Running a business is tough, let alone knowing how to leverage the myriad of ways to market it.

You’re not a marketing expert, but we are. We’ll listen to you, create a custom plan that accelerates your growth and frees up your time so you can do what you do best, run your business.

  • Get your time back & get a plan that works
  • Get marketing that accelerates growth
  • Stop wasting money on random acts of marketing

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Bold brands win & bland brands get ignored. It takes way more than a wish to stand out in today’s media saturated world.

Get branding that breaks through the noise, messaging that steals attention & moves you to the forefront of people’s minds.

  • Bring life to your brand & build momentum
  • Clarify your messaging & increase sales
  • Stand out in your industry & become a leader

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You run your business; we'll handle the marketing. We craft custom marketing plans that will elevate your brand. We create strategies that resonate, attract your ideal audience, and drive tangible results. Let's team up to level up your business's full potential!

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