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Branding Matters

Being remembered and connecting with your audience in a meaningful way doesn't just happen by accident. Companies that thrive have invested time, talent, and resources into creating a brand that has been crafted, tested, and refined to resonate with their customers.

Often people think of branding as just a logo or color scheme, but it goes much deeper than that. Powerful brands tap into their customer's emotions, needs, builds trust, and work to turn customers into evangelists.

What does your brand say about you? Let's make your brand legendary.

Idea Rocket Labs Branding & Graphic Design Services

From business cards to billboards and everything in between, we create designs that grab attention and make you memorable and look good.

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Graphic Design FAQ

Yes! Give us the specs and our experienced designers will get to work creating whatever you need so it stands out.

Yes! If you need professional printing of your designs such as business cards, brochures, posters, mailers, etc, we can have that done and shipped to you. 

During our initial meeting, we'll discuss your ideas, target markets, and overall strategies so that the final product achieves its goal.

Whether you already have a concept in mind or have no idea what you want, we'll work with you to make your project a success.

Prices depend on many variants, but you can be sure you are getting a great value for your design project. Design jobs are charged by the hour.

Typical graphic design projects are $125/hr. and we bill in 15min increments.

Yes. Some agencies don't transfer the rights to the customer or charge more for those rights. Once the project is complete, it's yours. 

We can usually accommodate rush jobs depending upon how full our production schedule is, however a rush fee will be added. Contact us for details.

Branding & Graphic Design Terms You Should Know

  • Brand

    The term "brand" is a general term that has multiple meanings. On a large scale, think of a large company like Nike. They mean fitness, excellence, achievement. But you probably also know their visible logo and you instantly know it's Nike and they sell mostly shoes.

  • Brand Experience

    Brand experience encompasses every interaction a customer has with your company. It starts with awareness of your company all the way through to after the sale and beyond.

  • Collateral

    Collateral is the materials your company uses for marketing including email newsletters, brochures, white papers, business cards and more.

  • Color Palette

    This is the main set of colors that a business uses. Consistent use of a color palette can help create a visual brand that customers instantly recognize.

  • Logo

    A logo is a visual identity that represents your company. Logos should be designed to be recognizable and memorable.

  • Pixel

    A pixel (short for picture element) is the smallest portion of an image or display. The more pixels you have on say a computer screen, the better the picture will be.

  • PPI vs DPI

    PPI stands for pixels per inch and DPI stands for dots per inch. Generally, PPI is used to measure the quality of a computer monitor or TV with more pixels per inch providing a better or higher resolution image. Think old TVs vs new 4K TVs.

    DPI is a measurement of the number of dots per inch that a printer can print on a page. The more dots it can print, the better the final output will be.

  • Raster vs Vector

    These terms refer to graphics and images. If you take a photo with a digital camera, it is usually saved as a .jpg image and has a set number of pixels that store the information needed to display the image. If you zoom in or enlarge the image, it will start to look blurry or blocky because you are making each pixel larger to see it. In general, a raster image cannot be made larger without losing quality.

    Vector images on the other hand are the opposite and are designed to be scalable to any size without losing quality. These are generally used for logos and other graphics and will print at a high resolution or quality no matter the size.