52 Weeks to Better Marketing

We all want better marketing. Better marketing results in more traffic to our websites, more clicks on our ads, more leads in our inboxes, and more conversions and sales in the end. And it doesn't stop there because we want to make loyal, brand ambassadors of our businesses that keep customers returning time and time again and bring their friends along as well.

But the reality is, marketing is hard. It takes time, talent, and money to really do it well and effectively. But mostly time.

We're all busy running, so wouldn't it be great if there were some small things we could do each week to improve our marketing and drive new business?

There is. Welcome to 52 Weeks to Better Marketing

I've created 52 short and simple weekly tasks you can do, that you can do to improve your marketing, conversions, lead generators, ads, websites, and emails, that you can fit into your busy week, all designed to improve your marketing.

There are a thousand ways to reach customers these days. There are dozens of social media platforms, hundreds of ways to advertise, a myriad of ways to communicate with potential customers, and to attempt to attract, connect, invite, and delight them.