5 Proven Home Builder Marketing Ideas for 2021

5 Proven Home Builder Marketing Strategies for 2021

1: Search Optimize Your Home Builder Website

The websites that Google ranks on the first page of its search results are the websites that they consider to be most relevant and useful based on over 200 factors including keywords, site speed, time spent on the website, inbound links, and more. But the most important factors are things you can do today such as page titles, content, and keywords in your content.

Here are some SEO tasks you can do today:

  • Optimize Your Page Titles: Add the most likely searched keywords in your page titles e.g. “Arizona Custom Homes Photo Gallery”
  • Add Keywords to Your Content: Add the phrase into your content, but make sure to do it as a natural conversation, don’t just stuff it everywhere since Google frowns on “keyword stuffing”.
  • Keep It Fresh: Create fresh content around those keywords such as “Best kitchen cabinets used by home builders in Arizona”. If your site is stagnant, generally Google will rank it lower over time.
  • Fix Mistakes: Spell check, grammar check, and error check. Google ranks sites based on “quality” and these are some of the factors it uses to determine the “quality” of a website. Fix typos, sentence structure, and eliminate errors on your website.

2: Smash It on Social Media

Homebuilders and social media are made for each other. Your future and current customers are spending huge amounts of time on social sites so you need to leverage social as part of an effective marketing strategy.

Action steps to leveraging social media for home builders:

  • Photos, Photos, Photos: If you don’t already have one, hire an amazing home builder photographer today. If you’re using anything less, it will likely be very evident and won’t showcase your homes in the best possible light. Post the photos on all of your social accounts and do special groupings such as kitchens, exteriors, bathrooms, etc.
  • Videos, Videos, Videos: As mentioned above with photos, quality videos are a great tool for driving interest and showcasing your homes.
  • Don’t have enough time for social? Automate it: There are many services that you can queue up posts during slow times and schedule them to go out on a regular basis.
  • Likes, Follows & Views Don’t Pay the Bills: While likes, follows, and views are an important measurement tool of the reach and effectiveness of a campaign, they don’t necessarily drive sales. A "like" campaign feels good but may not generate sales. Focus on sales growing activities and remember, “Always Be Closing”.
  • Use Social to Drive People To Your Website, Not Vice Versa: The best strategy is to use social media to drive traffic to your sales tools you control such as your website, phone number, etc., and not the other way around. In fact, many times when we build websites, we don’t include links to social media accounts because once someone leaves your website, it’s very easy for them to get lost in the vast sea of social media distractions, or worse, discover your competition.
  • Only Setup Social Media Accounts on Sites You Have Time to Manage: There are tons of social sites out there but there’s nothing worse than a potential customer going to an abandoned social site. Focus on 2-3 social platforms and if time allows, add more.

3: Blogs, Articles, & Posts

A big factor in engaging with your target audience (and ranking higher on search engines) is content. Write compelling articles based on your frequently asked questions, most requested features, or tips that educate home buyers about purchasing, home financing, and homeownership.

Some Home Builder Blog Post Ideas Include:

  • Top Minneapolis kitchen design ideas of [YEAR]
  • How to save thousands on your home financing in San Diego
  • Top 10 things to think about when buying a home in Atlanta
  • 5 Phoenix new home color palettes we love
  • What type of home should I build?
  • What’s the best floor plan for families in Denver?
  • How big should my master bedroom be?
  • What is the most durable flooring for bathrooms?
  • Kitchen checklist - Here’s what you need for an amazing kitchen
  • Top X trends on interior designs for Chicago
  • Top X ways to make your home safe for kids and pets

4: Get Referrals, Reviews & Testimonials

Nothing works quite as well as testimonials and referrals. Word of mouth is still an effective way of driving sales and building customer confidence. You can use email to ask current customers to write reviews, send you testimonials, and encourage them to tell others about their experiences with you and their new homes. Once you get them, use them in your marketing materials, on your website and social media accounts, and on your online review sites.

5: Paid Ads / PPC / Digital Ads

While all of the other methods mentioned here were mostly a time investment, paying for ads is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website. Google & Facebook ads are great ways to stand out in a crowded field while you might also consider running sponsored ads on Zillow since they tend to dominate search results when people search for homes.